Quality Youth Work – A common framework for the further development of youth work

Report from the Expert Group on Youth Work Quality Systems in the EU Member States

What is youth work and what is not? What is quality and how could it be assessed? 

This report seeks to contribute to this development by demonstrating how the use of a systematic and holistic quality approach, covering the whole youth work context from young people to the political level, will help to enhance quality and thus the recognition of youth work as a crucial actor in the lives of young people. We strongly believe that the use of a well-structured quality approach would allow and facilitate the concerted efforts of all stakeholders, making it possible to work together in the same direction. It would also enable and support a more accurate distribution and monitoring of public funding at all levels, not only focusing on quantities but integrating also qualitative aspects into the decision making process.

Directorate-General for Education and Culture, 2015